Project Management

Led by our President and Founder, Bud Miller, MHC knows the ins and outs of all aspects of the building cycle, how to avoid the problems and how to bring the job in on time and to specifications. Bud's relationships with product manufacturers, skilled crafts people and laborers plus his ability to understand and work to local building codes set him apart in the modular industry whether a company wants an office tower or a college dorm, whether a couple wants a new home or a builder wants to create 15 houses that are all different and unique, MHC is the answer.

Modular Construction - Building it the Right Way

MHC's Project Management

Bud founded MHC in 2003 because he believed there was a right way to build modular units and he wanted to create a company that managed every aspect from concept to turnkey.

Bud and his team work tirelessly on every step of the process and clients can actually watch the progress on live cameras set up in the state of the art factory in Pennsylvania.

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