Modular Hybrid Construction completed every phase of the modular construction process beyond our expectations. Everyone who was involved in coordinating our modular project responded in a timely, professional manner. Modular Hybrid Construction comes highly recommended.

Property Investor, New Caanan, CT 

Modular Hybrid Construction

Who We Are

Who We Are

Modular Hybrid Construction is a cutting edge team of modular construction professionals dedicated to creating the highest quality buildings and homes at the best price for our array of clients. From conception through completion, Modular Hybrid Construction's vast experience allows for a seamless process that provides quality construction with best industry practices. When the project is finished clients receive a high caliber product that will stand the test of time for decades to come.

What We Do

The first thing we do is sit down with our prospective clients and listen to what they are looking for and once we understand the job we explain the Modular Process and the Modular Hybrid Construction Advantage so clients know and understand every aspect of the construction of their building.

Modular Hybrid Construction designs and plans every step of the job and will be your eyes and ears, managing everything from sitting down and understanding the local Building Department regulations, to overseeing work on the factory floor and then making sure once everything is on site that the work is done to the highest professional standards.

The Modular Hybrid Construction team comprises only the best professionals for each step of the construction process and our modular factory and onsite team allows for maximum flexibility on every job. We help choose the best name brand components for every building and work within budget to bring each project in on time.

We ensure quality control through inspection of each component of the process and outside agencies inspect each step of the way. When we turn the keys over to you, the job will be done right and we guarantee our work.

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The Modular Hybrid Construction Advantage

  • Simply put, THE MODULAR HYBRID CONSTRUCTION ADVANTAGE is our ability to listen, conceive and manage every aspect of your project. Whether it's an office building, a multi-living complex such as attached housing or a dormitory, or a house, the Modular Hybrid Construction team will make sure every job is done to specification, on time, on budget and with the highest quality materials available.
  • DESIGN FLEXIBILITY - Every project is unique and modular construction allows for maximum flexibility from room to room and project to project.
  • QUALITY FROM START TO FINISH - The best quality is guaranteed for many reasons. Modular Hybrid Construction oversees all aspects of the job, the enclosed factory environment in the hills of Amish country in Pennsylvania means the outdoor elements are not a factor, workers are experts at the specific task they perform and we use the highest quality components available. We also pay less for materials because of our buying power.
  • COST SAVINGS - Modular buildings are almost always less expensive than other methods, turnaround is between 30-50% faster therefore allowing a turnkey project done faster, better and less expensive.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - Modular construction generates less materials waste and less site disturbances than other site built structures.
  • GUARANTEED PRICING - We come up with a fair price and stick to it.