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  • What Does MHC Do
    • We are a general contractor that specializes in modular construction. Our professional services include managing projects, erecting modular units, and finishing the interior and exterior. We also complete the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing aspects of the modular units.
  • Where Does MHC Work
    • MHC operates primarily in Central Pennsylvania.
  • What Are The Sizes of the Projects that MHC Will Consider
    • MHC specializes in multi-unit construction projects; however, single unit projects will be considered.
  • How Do We Get Started
    • First, send us your preliminary plans and project data and MHC will provide you with a ballpark estimate and preliminary scope-of-work. We will judge the project's compatibility and feasibility.
  • How Do We Proceed
    • When a decision is made to move forward, we will ask the client to develop and submit a completed set of production documents. Once MHC has received these documents, MHC will create and present a project specific scope-of-work and quote, based upon those finalized documents. Upon the client's acceptance of this quote, a mutually agreeable contract will be developed and executed.
  • When Will MHC Start the Project
    • Once a contract has been finalized, MHC will work with the client, their project-specific sub-contractors, and chosen modular supplier to develop an effective project timeline that coordinates all of the project's principal components. This timeline will dictate MHC's start and finish dates.
  • Who Are MHC's Primary Customers
    • MHC partners with developers, contractors, manufacturers, real estate investors, and architects.

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