Construction Management

Modular Hybrid Construction, Inc. provides on-site construction services for modular units. Specializing in the construction, as well as the finishing of modular units, MHC manages every step of the process to ensure a quality, timely finish.

MHC takes a collaborative approach to creative solutions. We identify and quantify requirements and develop a management plan that will ensure a flawless execution.

Construction Management

Our construction management team includes:

  • Pre-planning
  • Scheduling
  • Design and estimating
  • Sub-contractor negotiations
  • Purchasing of materials and equipment
  • Engineering
  • Documenting and management

Full Review and Details from our Construction Project Managers

When we receive your plans and data, our project managers provide a ballpark estimate and preliminary outline for the scope of work to be completed. These initial steps help determine a project's compatibility and feasibility.

Construction Management

Here's what you can expect from MHC:

  • Collaborative approach to creative solutions
  • Controlling the project scope
  • Managing schedules to meet deadlines
  • Optimizing design, space, and sustainability
  • Managing teams to eliminate disputes
  • Quality assurance

Construction Project Management Expertise

When the decision is made to move forward, the client will submit a completed set of production documents. MHC will then create and present a project specific scope-of-work and a quote. Upon the client's acceptance of this quote, a mutually agreeable contract will be developed.

MHC will work with the client, their project-specific sub-contractors, and chosen modular supplier to develop an effective project timeline that coordinates all of the projects' principal components. This timeline will dictate MHC's start and finish dates.

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