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Established in 1995, Modular Hybrid Construction, Inc. is an on-site construction services provider specializing in the modular construction industry. Modular Hybrid Construction serves clients in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, and the Washington DC area, with cost-effective turnkey building solutions.

At Modular Hybrid Construction, we're more than just a builder; we're a solutions provider that manages projects from start to finish! We understand just how important it is to complete projects on time and with the highest level of service. Therefore, we partner with you to develop a plan to execute your modular projects for optimal success.

Modular Hybrid Construction's services include both the installation and completion of modular units. By having one contracting service manage the entire project, we can help you avoid the hassle of coordinating with several sub-contractors. We take the time to meet with you, learn exactly what the project parameters are, and then tailor our work to fit your specifications.

Bud Miller is the founder and President of Modular Hybrid Construction, a cutting edge builder of high quality modular buildings. Bud is also renowned throughout the industry for his insight, leadership and knowledge of the industry and helping to propel his company to become one of the beacons of the burgeoning industry of state of the art modular construction.

Bud's attention to detail and never accepting less than the best was borne from his years in the Pennsylvania National Guard, where he defended his country on a volunteer basis from 1982-96, rising to the rank of Headquarters Company Commanding Captain and then Battalion Communications Officer Captain.

The Start Of Modular Construction

It was during that time that Bud started working in the building and business construction industry, working in both management and sales for builders and also manufacturers. He found his niche in modular construction while working five years at Penn Lyon Homes, a Pennsylvania company where he did estimating and was the project and service manager.

"I realized that the modular building industry was getting a bad name because of poor workmanship at onsite construction sites and that something needed to be done about it," said Bud. "We already used the best materials and our workmanship in the factory was first rate. But the finished project was Job One and the follow through and attention to detail for the client needed to improve."

Modular Hybrid Construction — Hard Work & Consistency

Bud founded Modular Hybrid Construction in 2003 and since then has helped set the standard for modular construction for single and multifamily homes, businesses, schools and colleges. His motto of hard work, consistency, communication with the clients and the highest level of service from first draft through completion of every project sets Bud apart in his industry. When you work with Modular Hybrid Construction, Bud stands behind every project.

So whether you are building a college dorm, an affordable housing complex, a rehab center for a hospital or a house for you and your family, Bud Miller and his Modular Hybrid Construction stands behind every project from conception to giving you the keys.

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